Sanders throws shade at Malcom Butler

There wasn’t much to cheer for on Sunday night if you were a Broncos fan. It’s probably safe to say that neither the coaches or players were very happy about how the game ended as well. If you’re own that likes to find small victories even in defeat then this might be for you.

Emmanuel Sanders lit up the Patriots secondary for 137 yards. Sanders probably took satisfaction that a good portion of those yards came against Patriots corner, Malcolm Butler.

The two have a history that dates back to last year. After the two teams faced each other last year Sanders blasted Butler on social media.

If you think malcom butler shut me down.. child please!! My 2 year old son Princeton can play Cover 2. Go watch the tape. He know better!!

Just in case you had forgotten about how Sanders feels about Butler, he reminded you following the game.

Sanders definitely would’ve rather won the game but he will take this small victory in a season that has been lacking.

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