John Elway’s stroll to locker room sums up Broncos season

The Denver Broncos are losers of 8 straight for the first time since 1967. The team has failed to show any sort of consistency after starting the season 3-1. The defense once-proud defense has slowly declined during the eight-game streak and looked lost on Sunday. They gave up 35 points and could not stop the run as Kenyan Drake rushed for 120 yards and a TD on 23 carries.

To be fair, any defense would wilt in a game during which their quarterback threw three interceptions like Trevor Siemian did. The problem is and has always been with the offense which has lacked identity all season. The quarterback talent is below average and the offensive line play has been terrible. The running game has suffered because opposing defenses load the box and dare the Broncos quarterbacks to beat them through the air which is not happening.

Following the Broncos 35-9 loss to the Dolphins, a video captured general manager John Elway taking a very slow walk to the Broncos locker room which sums up the attitude and feelings surrounding the Broncos about this season in the most perfect way.

Check it out below!