If the Broncos are going to win, they need to shut down Gronk

The Denver Broncos have an elite defense this season. In fact, they have been so good that Denver is second in overall defense, fourth in passing yards, and fifth in rushing yards per game. If not for that blowout by the Eagles, the Broncos defense would likely be ranked even higher.

However, for all of their defensive prowess, the Broncos have struggled in one area throughout the season. Opposing team’s tight ends have experienced quite a bit of success against Denver.

Rob Gronkowski is one of the best TE in the NFL and has one of the best QBs in the NFL throwing to him. The Patriot’s gameplan is certainly going to be centered around exploiting the Broncos weakness and coupling it with one of their strengths. Brady and Gronkowski have been perfect on third-down this season. NFL Research reported that Brady’s passer rating on third-down when targeting Gronk is a perfect 158.3.

The Broncos coaching staff and players will have their hands full game planning and practicing for a pivotal game that could make or break the Broncos season. The problem is that the Patriots have multiple offensive weapons so you can’t double Gronk every play and not get burned by other players like Brandin Cooks.

To be fair, most Broncos fans are probably more worried about how their offense will perform this week rather than how the defense will hold up.

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