Elway ’embarrassed’ by state of his team

Its safe to say that John Elway is not a happy with how the season has gone. With that, no one appears to be safe this offseason.

In a recent radio appearance on Orange and Blue Radio Elway said that he was “embarrassed” by the team’s performance and the fact that it is now on an eight-game losing streak after starting the season with so much promise. He hinted at making changes in the offseason but for right now things will stay the same.

We’re gonna finish the season out. Obviously, we know the expectations of the Denver Broncos. I’m embarrassed about it and gonna do all I can to fix it.

Elway was taped walking slowly into the Broncos locker room following the 35-9 drubbing the team took in Miami. His body language said it all as he showed about as much life that he team has shown in recent weeks.

As general manager, Elway needs to look in the mirror for many of the team’s struggles. He is the reason the offensive line has no talent or depth, and he did little to address the quarterback situation.

To be fair he did draft a new left tackle and probably thought the team could ride an elite defense and strong run game to a playoff berth. Unfortunately, that plan has backfired since the run game has been getting stuffed and the quarterbacks are running for their lives every time they drop back to pass.

One thing is for sure, Elway’s comments coupled with the report by insider Mike Klis that “just about everyone” is on the hot seat should make Vance Joseph and the rest of coaching staff, and even players nervous. Hopefully, that gives them some extra motivation to show some sort of improvement over these final games.

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