Darian Stewart fined $24k for hit on Cooper

Darian Stewart absolutely destroyed Amari Cooper in the second quarter of the Broncos, Raiders game and now he’s having to pay the price. The NFL tagged the Broncos safety with a $24,308 fine for the incident.

The hit ended up knocking Cooper out and out of the game. The Raiders receiver sustained a concussion and a sprained ankle on the play. Referees assessed an unnecessary roughness penalty and played on.

Arguments can be made in Stewart’s defense and they are pretty valid. Stewart led with his shoulder like players are taught to do and only made contact with Cooper’s head because the receiver dropped it to brace for the hit.

Stewart plans to appeal the decision and his coach, Vance Joseph doesn’t think that he did anything wrong.

Stew hurt himself avoiding hitting the kid in the neck and the head area. The ball was thrown way inside of the hash and it was thrown high, Stew went to make a play on the ball and the receiver ducked in my opinion. Stew pulled his head out to not make helmet-to-helmet contact and lowered his shoulder. Cooper’s head is under Darian’s elbow. To me, it was a good football play. So it was not a dirty play in my opinion

The video of the play can be watched below and you can make your own conclusions.

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