Broncos Joseph remains non-committal on starting QB for Week 11

Last week it was reported that Brock Osweiler needed to prove that he deserved the starting quarterback job for the Denver Broncos. Yesterday’s game against the New England Patriots was supposed to be the game during which he showed why he should start every game for the Broncos from here on out.

Those who watched last night’s game know that Osweiler did just about everything, but that. Joseph was non-committal about making the move permanent last week, and he remains non-committal about who will start at QB this week. When asked about it he simply said, “We’ll see,” and mentioned that they would need to watch tape and come up with a decision as a coaching staff.

Osweiler’s final stats for the day were 18-33 for 221 yards, one TD, and one interception. While not terrible, they didn’t win him the job. The offense struggled to score points for the past couple of weeks.

For what it’s worth, Osweiler knows he needs to do better as well.

If you’re kicking field goals every time you’re in the red area rather than scoring touchdowns, it’s going to be very hard to win football games.

Osweiler may hold onto his job by default because there isn’t really anyone else that the team can turn to. Siemian has shown that he can’t lead the offense, Chad Kelly is on IR, and the coaching staff seems very reluctant to play Paxton Lymch. So, for the time being, the Broncos seem stuck with Osweiler.