Broncos expecting boos on Sunday

The Broncos record has taken two more hits since they last played in Denver. Vance Joseph expects the crowd to greet them according to their record. The team expects it and is fine with that.

“It’s been a hard season for all of us, the fans included. We understand the frustrations; we have them also. Our goal is to play well for our fans and I can promise our fans one thing, they will play hard for them on Sunday. Being home is always a good thing. We’re looking forward again to having a clean slate and to win a football game at home in front of our fans.

But we do get the frustrations, guys, because we have them also. If a bad play happens and they boo some, we get it. We understand, but our goal is to win for our fans and our football team on Sunday.

The Broncos are now in a precarious situation. They can continue to lose and get a good draft pick or try to win and go into next season with some momentum. The coaching staff would obviously like to win a few games to try and save their jobs. The fans would probably be just fine with losing and getting a high draft pick to use on a new quarterback.

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