Broncos and Watson likely to part ways after this season

Menelik Watson was placed on IR this week with a foot injury. The Broncos won’t miss much since Watson has graded out as one of the worst RTs in the league. The production definitely doesn’t match the money that the Broncos shelled out for his services this offseason. Watson was signed to a three-year $18.3 deal.

The Broncos have plenty of reasons to get rid of him (see the contract above). The team would be able to save money and cap space if they chose to part ways the injury-prone tackle at the conclusion of the season. The move would free up nearly $5 million cap and leave about $2.6 million in dead money.

Denver could use all of the extra cash they can muster this offseason. The team has 31 players with expiring contracts. With only $23.4 million in cap space, the team will have some tough decisions to make in the offseason but releasing Watson should be one of the easier decisions that are made.

Watson’s performance has hurt the offense’s production in ways that no one could have seen. Rookie LT Garrett Bolles is ranked 40th out of tackles in the NFL and has been able to provide solid pass protection. Defenses have keyed in on this and sent the pressure to the right side. This took away a lot of offensive coordinator Mike McCoy’s playbook.

McCoy’s system has always featured bootlegs and roll-outs. Since pressure has gotten through on a consistent basis from the side that Trevor Siemian or Brock Osweiler would roll out to.

John Elway needs to put a solid RT on the roster in the offseason. Without one the offense is going to continue to struggle and the team’s other talent will be wasted.

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