3 Keys to a Broncos victory

The Denver Broncos come into this Sunday’s game having lost seven games in a row. They are in desperate need of any kind of victory, moral victories have eluded the Broncos for quite some time as well. The Dolphins also come into Sunday’s matchup losers of five in a row.

The Broncos will turn back to former starting quarterback Trevor Siemian as they look to break their longest losing streak in 50 years. In order to get the win, the Broncos need to do a few things.

Protect the Ball

Winning the turnover battle will go a long way to helping the Broncos in breaking the losing streak. The Denver defense is still one of the best in the league but if they are on the field more than the offense then they will eventually wear down. The offense needs to protect the ball, extend drives, and come away with points. Siemian needs to stop throwing silly interceptions and know when to simply just throw it away. Doing this will help control the momentum of the game and keep the defense fresh.

Establish the Run

The Broncos need to help Trevor Siemian out a little bit. Teams have been able to load the box and stop the run earlier in the season because of the team’s inability to stretch the field vertically. The Broncos need to take some pressure off of Siemian by getting the run game going early so that the play-action game can come to life. Siemian was winning games when the offensive attack was balanced. When he started throwing it 35 plus times a game the offense started to sputter. Get C.J. Anderson and Devontae¬†Booker going early and let the ground game open up the passing game.

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