Will the Bills End Their Playoff Drought in 2017?

Buffalo Bills
Buffalo Bills / wikipedia.org

Things could be looking up in a big way in a short time for the Buffalo Bills. The New York team is improving with key pieces falling into place and a new energy and enthusiasm under first-year coach Sean McDermott, the Bills could see the end of the longest current playoff drought in any professional sport. 17 seasons (since 1999) without a playoff berth could end in 2017.

Camp starts on July 27th and hopes are high in Buffalo. The team is filled with talented young players like quarterback Tyrod Taylor. If Sammy Watkins and LeSean McCoy can stay healthy the entire length of the season, the trio will be a serious threat to opposing defenses. Another strength for the Bills, often overlooked by fans and experts alike, is the line, both offensive and defensive. With a strong core protecting Taylor and a respectable pass rush, the Bills will catch opponents off guard and steal a few wins at key times during the season.

Although the last time Buffalo has had a winning season was two years ago, there has been new life among players and coaches with the team winning an average of eight wins over the last three seasons. The team hasn’t finished last in the division since 2013 and hasn’t won less than six games since 2010. Granted, these aren’t the greatest stats, but they do show a consistent although slow upward trend.  With a solid training camp and good health for the team’s stars, 2017 could be the year the team finally breaks through, becoming a real wild-card contender. McDermott is looking to end the trend of head coaches’ short stay in Buffalo. The team has had six new head coaches since 2009, but McDermott is optimistic and brings the skills and energy at the right time and could stick around for at least a few seasons. Watch for a potentially magical year in Buffalo in 2017.