Will John Ross’s Speed help him in the NFL?

CINCINNATI, OHIO — As training camp approaches, questions revolve around the record breaking wide receiver, John Ross and the impact he’ll have on the team.

Drafted as the ninth overall pick in the NFL draft by the Cincinnati Bengals, Ross will have the opportunity to show off his speed at the start of training camp. Andy Dalton, starting quarterback, is excited for Ross saying he is the fastest in the NFL.

At the NFL Draft Combine, Ross broke the 40-yard dash record, recording a 4.22-second speed in the event. Previously, running back Chris Johnson’s 4.24 second time held the record. As seen in the video below, Ross is no joke when it comes to speed.



Ross may have the speed to compete in the NFL, but the biggest question is how he’ll make an impact. Scouting reports say his lateral agility to set up defensive backs at the line makes that speed even more potent.

Ross is an instant-impact weapon who scored 23 touchdowns in just 112 touches at the University of Washington. He could be a threat as a kick returner and a slot receiver. If he continues to stay healthy, Ross has the rare ability to become a high-yield deep-ball threat alongside his fellow wide receivers.

Ross will join one of the most dominant wide receivers in, A.J. Green. After losing Marvin Jones and Mohamed Sanu in free agency and watching Tyler Eifert deal with injury, the addition of Ross will help Dalton depend on less on Green.

Bengals training camp starts on July 28th and ends on Aug. 10. Once training camp starts, we’ll be able to see how well Ross will fit with the Bengals and how his speed will impact the team. Who knows, he could be even faster.