Reuben Foster: “Our fans are better than that”

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The 49ers took on the Seahawks this past Sunday with an unfortunate result – a loss of 24 – 13 – but 49ers safety Eric Reid and linebacker Reuben Foster seem to be more disappointed in how their fans reacted than how the game went.

Near the end of the game, starting quarterback C.J. Beathard was injured in a play, and was quickly replaced on the field by Jimmy Garoppolo to applause from the crowd.

The part that made Reid and Foster angry? Reid put it this way:

“It’s disappointing that a man is hurt. People don’t understand what we go through as football players and what our bodies go through. He’s laying down on the ground and people are cheering. That’s messed up.”

Foster also spoke up showing that he agreed with Reid:

“When Jimmy goes out there, you cheer and give him the pep talk but let him know that you’re all behind him. Let us know that you’re behind our quarterback too, C.J., because that’s the one who’s been hurting, fighting for us, fighting for the Niners organization. You don’t want to do nobody bad. It’s all about respect. Our fans, I was disappointed in them when they were cheering. Our fans are better than that. It’s just the fact that our starting quarterback is down who’d been making plays and really taking his body into a lot of things that a quarterback shouldn’t be getting into, like running and getting hit.  You would think somebody would see that and say ‘Yes, I love that quarterback.'”

“Jimmy, great guy. Great guy. I’m happy he was out on the field.  I was rooting for him too. But at the same time, I have to wait and make sure my brother on the ground’s straight before I cheer for Jimmy. I’m going to cheer for my brother who got off the ground because he’s alright, and then I’m going to cheer for Jimmy.”

The good news is that Beathard doesn’t seem to have heard the cheering from the stand, telling media “I was just kind of focused on my knee and talking to the doctors and stuff…so no, I didn’t hear any of that.”

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