De’Angelo Williams Stays True to his 49ers Fan Roots

De’Angelo Williams has made it clear that there are a few NFL teams with whom he will not even begin to discuss contracts with. The free agent running back is currently looking for a job for a last season or two but remains adamant that he won’t play for three or four NFL teams.

After a bad break in 2014 with the Carolina Panthers, Williams had sworn that he would never play for them again. With the recent firing of GM Dave Gettleman, Carolina has now become the most questionable team on that list with Williams tweeting he might return to the Panthers now that “the snake” Gettleman is gone.

The Jacksonville Jaguars and Cleveland Browns also made the list simply due to an inability to win. Both franchises have a history of underperforming and Williams has no interest in spending his last few seasons fighting just to earn a winning record. The final team on the list, however, raised a few eyebrows. In a recent interview with NFL Analyst Adam Schefter, Williams revealed that he would never even consider playing for the Dallas Cowboys. The reason? De’Angelo grew up as a diehard 49ers fan and wouldn’t be able to bring himself to don the star of the rival from Dallas.

Now, in all reality, Dallas would never be interested in Williams as they already have an all-star backfield with Ezekiel Elliott, Darren McFadden, and Alfred Morris. Still, the loyalty to his childhood team is impressive. Williams even went so far as to trash talk the Dallas team saying that the Cowboys have won a few games over the past years, but disappear in the playoffs. The free agent running back was also critical of the Dallas fan base, saying they only made excuses for big-game losses. With Dallas, Carolina, Jacksonville, and Cleveland off the list, Williams will spend the rest of the offseason and perhaps the early parts of camp looking for employment with the other 28 teams in the league.