49ers Coach Kyle Shanahan not Going to Name Offensive Coordinator

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On 49ers.com today, Kyle Shanahan announced that he doesn’t plan on naming a new offensive coordinator. Instead, he plans on making calls himself:

“I think I have lots of good guys on our staff. I can give anyone that title just so people don’t ask me that question. I have guys on our staff who do a great job, guys who are in charge of the run game, guys who are in charge of the pass game. Everybody has certain areas from third down to short yardage to first-second down run game to third down run game to backed up. We have a staff who’s worked together, who knows how to, I think we’re very efficient. I don’t plan on not calling the plays. So, I don’t necessarily see why that’s necessary.”

When asked if he was planning on handing over offensive coordinator calls at any point, Shanahan made it clear that he wants to keep things the way they are:

“I’m 37 years old. I’m not just ready to get my first head coaching job and just sit there and just oversee everything. I think I got hired for what I’ve done on offense in my career. I’m really enjoying being a head coach. I had to change up my schedule and stuff and my routine on what I do as an offensive coordinator and really to prepare to call a game. But, no, I think that’s what I can provide best to a team and until I can’t, if I ever feel someone else can provide that better than I have no problem not doing it. I wouldn’t hesitate.”