LSU Commit Says “I haven’t Seen One Negative Thing About Alabama”

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When LSU traveled to Tuscaloosa to face the Alabama Crimson Tide, Kardell Thomas a five-star LSU recruit was watching intently to see if the Tigers would spoil Alabama’s perfect season, much as they did in 2011.

Although Alabama was tested, the Tide never really came close to losing.

Thomas who is an offensive guard in the Class of 2019, wasn’t necessarily hoping the Tigers would win, despite his commitment.

“I was just rooting for LSU to make it a good game,” Thomas said. “I wanted it to go into overtime. That’s what I wanted. I wanted to be on the edge of my seat the entire time not knowing who was going to win.”

Thomas has been committed to LSU since July of 2016, however, he’s not a total lock to play for the Tigers. He’s still looking at Florida, Florida State, Oklahoma, Texas, and of course Alabama.

Not on any of his several visits has he seen a single flaw in Alabama.

“I haven’t seen one negative thing at Alabama,” Thomas said. “I know coach [Nick] Saban will probably disagree with me. The first practice I went to, man, I saw how they’re just so technically sound. You could tell that that is why they’re on a different level than everyone else. I’m not saying everyone else isn’t good, but I’m just saying that’s why Alabama is the way it is.

“Their résumé speaks for itself. If you go there and do what you’re supposed to do, you’re going to come out strong.”

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