Is Ohio State still not out of the playoff race?

Following the Buckeyes crushing defeat to the unranked Iowa Hawkeyes, fans and media officials around the country had all but written off another trip to the college playoffs for Ohio State. Not so fast. Two weeks removed from an embarrassing blowout defeat in Iowa, the Buckeyes are ranked No.9 in the new standings and could actually still make it.

Granted there are a few things that need to play out, but Ohio State still has a shot at the playoffs and a championship. A few teams ahead of Ohio State will need to suffer another loss but the committee has positioned Ohio State in the perfect spot to take advantage of any mistakes made by other teams.

Somehow (although we shouldn’t complain) the Buckeyes rose five spots after beating Michigan State last week, MSU only fell five spots and Penn State rose up to No. 10 after beating Rutgers.

As of right now, Ohio State has a good loss and a bad loss. Oklahoma beat the Buckeyes at home earlier this year and is still playing very well. In fact, the Sooners just had a huge win over TCU which makes them look better and in a roundabout way makes Ohio State’s loss to them not look as bad.

Furthermore, the committee seems higher on Big Ten schools with losses than any other schools from other conferences. Ohio State still will need to play Michigan and Wisconsin this season, both of which could help pad their resume. Assuming a couple of the teams stumble before the end of the season, Ohio State has placed itself nicely to take advantage.

For what it is worth, both ESPN and USA Today have stated that their is a good chance Ohio State sneaks its way into the playoffs.