Warriors Take Clippers Once Again

The Warriors are finally starting to look like their usual selves all of a sudden. The Warriors were able to make a blowout game against the Clippers on Monday night in a game that ended 141-113. This marked the Warriors 11th consecutive win over the Clippers.

It’s been difficult for the Warriors to have their early-season problems diagnosed quickly. Their defense seems to really be struggling lately, ranking 26th in the league. However, this last Monday, the Warriors’ defense was pretty good and showed a significant amount of engagement.

The contest wasn’t the most immaculate game they’ve ever played. It just seemed awesome because they did better than they’ve done in the last few games this season.

When the Clippers moved into dribble handoffs, they found a defender meeting them on the other side of the action. When Austin Rivers beat his man off the bounce, a Warriors’ weakside helper moved baseline to snuff out the drive. When Stephen Curry found himself on Blake Griffin, a second defender zipped over. The transition D — save the occasional lapse losing a shooter in the corner — was responsive to the Clippers’ early pushes.

The Warriors came into the game leading the league in minutes with a lead of 6 points or more, but were still sitting at a record of 4-3.

The Warriors are REALLY going to have to diagnose their issues soon if they want to get to the Finals this year. Every team struggles at times. We’ve seen the Cavaliers bomb during the beginning of several of their seasons, but they’ve made comebacks before and the Warriors have done the same.