GM Survey Predicts Warriors as Repeat Champs

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To state the obvious, the Golden State Warriors are already the heavy favorites to repeat as NBA champions. The league’s annual GM survey confirmed that belief as a staggering 93% of GMs said that the Warriors will win the title again this year.

That’s the highest margin in all 16 years the survey has been delivered.

The percentage has climbed each of the last three years from 53% in 15-16, to 69% last year, to 93% this year. Both of the previous years, the GM’s have been right.

Also, although Lebron James is currently the GMs’ pick for MVP, Kevin Durant came second in the voting with 29%.

Kevin Durant (29 percent) was second in the GMs’ MVP tally. Last year, GMs predicted that James would win the MVP. Westbrook finished second, garnering half of James’ vote total.

“Every year [LeBron’s] the guy that you would look at and say he’s right at the top,” Cavaliers center Kevin Love said. “Best player, best athlete in the world. He’s going to come in and do the same thing, lead this team. We’ve got a bunch of new guys, a bunch of new faces, but at the end of the day that’s not going to change the way he goes about his business.”

James was also voted to win league’s best passer, best leader, toughest to plan for, best small forward, second-best power forward, most versatile, and highest IQ.

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