Speculation Surrounding Hayward’s Destination

The Utah Jazz is definitely sad to hear that their star player Gordon Hayward may find himself on to bigger and better things. Speculation and assumption ensued after an interesting Instagram post made by Hayward’s wife.

The picture posted by Hayward’s wife, Robyn, caused quite a stir amongst Jazz and Celtics fans alike. The picture was of Hayward’s daughter being held in the arms of her mother. The young girl’s shirt had the phrase “Go Green!” written across the back with the image of a shamrock underneath. This left a lot to the imagination considering all of the talks about Hayward’s choice to become a free agent this summer. Danny Ainge has expressed the desire to acquire Hayward this summer in hopes that Hayward will accept the invitation.

Hayward is anticipated to be the top free agent this summer and lots of people want him. Obviously, the Jazz is dying to keep him, as previously stated Danny Ainge with the Celtics wants him, and there’s lots of speculation that the Miami is craving his presence on their team.

Another aspect of this Instagram post was the hashtag #shesafirball. Now their daughter may have been wearing a green shamrock shirt but that simple hashtag has implications to the Miami Heat. The logo displayed on their jersey is a basketball engulfed in flame or in other words… a fireball.


Who knows what to think of this post. Was Robyn trying to stir up fans all over the country? After lots of comments were thrown out, the post ended up being deleted without any confirmation of any sort. Anything is possible at this point and we all just want to see Hayward find a happy home whether that be in Utah Jazz with the ill-named Jazz or whoever else.