Paul George Wants To Remain A Pacer If He Can Get Help

The NBA season ended 11 days ago, but the offseason chatter is already beginning. Although he is not a free agent, Paul George is a topic of great intrigue when it comes to offseason moves.

Many sports analysts have expressed their opinion that acquiring Paul George should be on the top of Cleveland’s offseason to-do list.

But where does Paul George want to go?

Nowhere, is his current stance on the matter, according to ESPN.

Paul George
Tom Britt / Flickr

“I am a Pacer, I am under contract, and I intend to play,” George said.

There have been speculations that George will be traded to the Cavaliers for Kevin Love, to Boston for the number one pick in the draft, or that he will go to Los Angeles next season.

So, what does George think about all the offseason rumors that have spread like a wildfire?

“They’re all crazy,” he said. “But all are to be expected. I’ve been dealing with this since last season, but I’m just living in the moment.”

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George has expressed his desire to lead Indiana to a title. He hopes that the Pacers will be aggressive in the draft and in free agency.

“In ways, I feel like we are close,” George said. “It’s hard not to believe that because we did the best against Cleveland of anyone (in the East) and we could have won that series. At the same time, we need some more talent, we need better players.”

George was critical of his teammates (C.J. Miles, Myles Turner, and Lance Stephenson) during the first round of this year’s playoffs.

After an injury took him out for most of the 2014-2015 season, George is playing the best basketball of his career and is reaching his prime.