NBA Draft Rumor Buzz: The Lakers

The NBA draft is quickly approaching and rumors are flying. Teams are trying to pick up the best players, with the hopes of having the most wins in the future. There are three top franchises in the NBA: the New York Knicks, the Boston Celtics, and the Los Angeles Lakers.

Although the Lakers haven’t made it into the playoffs the past four seasons, they still seem to be in the news on a regular basis and seem to be a top choice for the upcoming draft.

Lonzo Ball, the former UCLA point guard, has many qualities which the Lakers find significant, including leadership potential, passing, and scoring. However, during a recent workout with the Lakers, rumors about Ball’s under-par conditioning have caused some to question if he will end up with the Lakers after all.

Lonzo Ball
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Chad Ford of ESPN also claims that the Lakers like forward Josh Jackson and point guard De’Aaron Fox.

“The Lakers also took note on how Fox outplayed Ball in their head-to-head matchup in March. And Jackson has always been another favorite in the organization.”

De’Aaron Fox scored 39 points on 13-of-20 shooting against Ball and the UCLA Bruins in their Sweet 16 matchup last season.

Jackson is also a great option and would also fill the Lakers’ need for an effective defense, which they seemed to lack last season.

Although the Lakers could easily select Fox or Jackson over Ball, they need a point guard who can run the offense, and Ball seems to be the best option.

In addition to the young team, the Lakers seem to be putting together, there is speculation that LeBron James may be heading out West to work in connection with the new president of basketball operations, Magic Johnson.

The idea isn’t impossible, but James may also choose to join forces with some close friends as they finish out their NBA years.

Whatever happens, the Lakers are sure to get some excellent players this draft.