Meme Busters (First Round Losses vs. Finals Losses)

In my last article, I went to great lengths to defend LeBron James’ Finals losses based on the help he had.

This time, I have to defend the G.O.A.T., Michael Jordan. I can’t believe somebody would be so disrespectful to post this:

Meme Busters


While LeBron has been impressive against the East during his career, never losing in the first round, there are other things to take into consideration in this argument.

Jordan made the playoffs the first three years of his career. LeBron made it after two years.

There may be more to consider here as well, but the bottom line is Chicago was not a playoff team the three years before Jordan came to town.

Jordan was the top performer in two of the three first rounds he lost. In his second year of the playoffs, the Bulls were an 8-seed facing the eventual NBA champions (the Boston Celtics), mainly because Jordan was hurt most of the season.

Even though the Bulls were swept, Jordan was still great. After Jordan dropped 63 points in Game 2, Larry Bird said, “He is the most exciting, awesome player in the game today. I think it’s just God disguised as Michael Jordan.”

Jordan did not play with any all-stars until Scottie Pippen

While the Bulls may have had a good supporting cast around Jordan, they only had one all-star from 1984-1989.In 1990, Scottie Pippen made his first playoff game and the Bulls lost the Eastern Conference Championship in seven games to the eventual NBA champions (the Detroit Pistons).

However, Scottie Pippen had a migraine in Game 7 and had two points. After that year, Jordan won six finals (each year he played a full season for Chicago).

LeBron was definitely the best player on his team right when he came into the league, but he did play with another all-star in 2005 (Zydrunas Ilgauskas).

Jordan’s overall playoff record vs. LeBron’s

LeBron has won more than Jordan in the playoffs (plus he has scored more points). But how long did it take each of them to win 119 games (Jordan’s total wins)?

Jordan won his 119th game in the 179th and last playoff game of his career (when he won the championship for the Bulls with two clutch plays).