LeBron James Absent From Shoot-Around

LeBron James was absent from the Cavaliers’ morning round shoot-around Tuesday in order to attend to a “personal issue”, according to a team spokesman. However, it looks like he will be playing against the Milwaukee Bucks.

According to the same team spokesman, Iman Shumpert is “probably” going to return from his right knee injury that has kept him off the court for about a week.

On Monday evening, just moments after the Celtics, joined by Kyrie Irving, silenced the Atlanta Hawks, James posted a picture on his Instagram. The post was a meme from the popular children’s cartoon Arthur of the main character clenching his fist with the caption “mood.”

The Cavs were booted by the Atlanta Hawks on Sunday and Kyrie Irving has been flourishing with the Celtics after his three Finals with LeBron James in Cleveland. Irving requested a trade during the summer and the Cavs sent him off to Boston to join the ranks of the Celtics.

LeBron James could have been referring to anything, and his entire second tenure in Cleveland is filled with moments of odd and mysterious social media posts that are often overanalyzed.

Also, team officials said James’ absence is not related to his social media posts in any way.