LeBron Could Buy The Cavaliers

The Cleveland Cavaliers are not currently for sale. But if owner Dan Gilbert ever wanted to make the franchise available to the highest bidder, LeBron James could be his best bet.

“To be an owner of any team would be crazy,” James told The Athletic’s Jason Lloyd (h/t Yahoo Sports’ Ben Rohrbach. “If this thing opened up and I’m in a position financially, and I’ve got the right team around me, obviously. But who’s to say Dan will (sell)? I’ve always kept it just player/owner at this point. I guess once I come down to that point, if the conversation needed to be had, I’ll have it. But I don’t have it right now.”

This isn’t the first time LeBron has hinted at becoming a future team-owner.

This last May, James told The Athletic  that the idea of owning a team really intrigues him, once he’s retired from the playing the sport itself.

“I will own a team someday,” James said. “That’s my next thing.

“Why do I want to own team? I think it’ll be cool. I’ll stay part of the game and still be able to put people in positions of power. I’ve always loved that, putting people in a position of power to feel like they can make a change and make things happen.”

When it comes down to owning the Cavaliers, principal ownership would be dependent on Gilbert ever intending to sell the team as LeBron noted.

If Gilbert decided to take that leap, he’d no doubt find himself with enough money to buy everyone in America a gift for Christmas. According to Forbes latest valuation of the team, the Cavaliers are worth approximately $1.2 billion.

If any recent transactions represent any indication, Gilbert could add a few hundred million to that number.

If James is serious about owning a team, his ownership group wouldn’t be too light on the cash.

In addition to a lifetime Nike contract that’s reportedly worth more than $1 billion, James has profited tremendously from his deals with Beats Electronics, Coca-Cola and Kia Motors.

LeBron James is currently the second highest paid athlete ($86 million) next to Cristiano Ronaldo ($93 million) according to Forbes Magazine.