Dwyane Wade: “Nobody’s Afraid of The Cavaliers”

Dwyane Wade hasn’t been with the Cleveland Cavaliers very long, but he’s already making some comparisons from this team to his former Heat teams. Maybe it’s the familiarity of having LeBron James and Wade both on the same team once again makes it easier to make comparisons. According to Wade, there is one key difference between these two teams that cannot be overlooked.

“Ain’t nobody afraid,” Wade said. “Teams come in here to whip our butt and they’re whipping our butt. One thing I did notice at Miami, teams were afraid of us a little bit. Ain’t nobody afraid. Maybe at some point it will get there, but not right now. Everyone’s playing free, it’s early in the year, and everything’s going right for everybody but us. And we’ve got to figure it out.”

via ESPN

It might be a bit childish to think that NBA teams should be afraid of each other, but there’s no doubt that a certain mindset that big-time contenders launch into smaller, weaker teams. The best NBA teams should be seen as forces of nature that needs full effort for four quarters if they’re going to knocked off. In a season that consists of games, it’s not easy to bring that kind of energy out for every single game, especially for a team that is always expected to win anyways.

It looks like NBA teams aren’t feeling this way about the Cleveland Cavaliers because Cleveland has been dropping games like flies to a swatter. However, this isn’t a very new concept to the Cavs. We’ve seen rough starts to past seasons and there’s nothing rare in seeing the Cavs lay an egg in a random game against some of the East’s bottom teams. They’ve done it for years and there’s nothing wrong with that. But keep in mind that this isn’t a rarity in the regular season, but if it carries on into playoff games, then we have a real problem.