Cavs Look At Next Week For Tristan Thompson’s Return

The Cavaliers are looking at next week for the return of their star center Tristan Thompson, according to

Thompson sustained a strained left calf at the beginning of November and has been off the court for the last 13 of the Cavaliers’ games. According to the source, the Cavs are wanting Thompson to get more reps at practice before he comes back onto the court.

After Thompson got hurt, the Cavs decided to set a timetable for his recovery of three to four weeks. Cleveland plays in Chicago next Monday and Wednesday in Cleveland against the Sacramento Kings.

Thompson only had the chance to play in eight games, but he wasn’t off to a very good start. He was racking up 4.4 points and 6.4 rebounds per game which are career lows. When he left the Cavs they were sitting at 3-5 but once he left the Cavs went on without him and are now in the middle of a nine-game winning streak.

Now we need to understand that Thompson’s production is a very small sample size to work with and the issues that were plaguing the Cavs at the beginning of the season went way beyond Thompson.

Since Thompson left with his calf injury, coach Tyron Lue has played Kevin Love at center and Jae Crowder at power forward. Returning Thompson to the initial starting lineup and pushing Love back to power forward could mean a change in defense which might be a negative move and break Cleveland’s winning streak.

However, Kevin Love has mentioned that he prefers playing power forward next to Thompson.

If Thompson does start, Jae Crowder would head to the bench and Channing Frye would also be affected by Thompson’s return. He was out of the team’s rotation before Thompson got injured.

Who knows what will happen for sure but Tristan Thompson’s return will most likely be a good thing.