REPORT: Verlander Staying Through Deadline

Justin Verlander is unlikely to be moved before the trade deadline this year, according to expert Jon Heyman. Heyman cited sources who said it would take “a miracle” to trade him. The real answer is probably that it would take “the Tigers eating a heckuva lot more money than they’re currently willing to.”

Possible reasons as to why that is…

  • He’s 34
  • He has a 4.50 ERA
  • He’s owed $28 million in each of the next two seasons
  • He is walking more batters than he ever has, with his worst strikeout-to-walk ratio since 2008

Those aren’t points that suggest that another team shouldn’t want him, or that the 4.50 ERA is the truest measure of his current ability. We know that. But those numbers are not encouraging for other teams.

justin verlander traded
Image via Paul Sancya | AP Photo

For now, it looks like Verlander is sticking around. There’s always a chance of a post-deadline trade, considering how likely he is to pass waivers, but the problems of his salary and the Tigers’ willingness to subsidize his departure will remain. He’s probably not going anywhere.

What do you want to happen Tigers fans? You want to keep him around or get rid of him?