George W Learns to Photo Bomb

Fair Use

Photo bombers are a part of all sports reporters careers. How could we ever forget when Spike Lee photo bombed Reggie Miller? Whenever Nick Mangold is around, we can always expect a classic photo bomb. And of course we can’t leave out this iconic banana-phone photo bomb? Photo bombs are a part of sports as much as 7th inning stretches and chili dogs.


While I’m sure that reporters are used to normal people trying to get on TV, sometimes celebrities jump in too. This is the case with the Rangers game on May 17, when a reporter was interrupted by none other than former President George W. Bush!


The Texan former Commander in Chief was supporting his home state team in Philadelphia when he walked behind Emily Jones of Fox Sports. He didn’t do much, only letting out a simple yet hardy “Hey!”. Of course Emily Jones is a pro and kept her cool through the whole thing, never missing a beat, showing her chops as a seasoned sports reporter.


All we’re wondering is, what’s in that coffee cup?!