Could the Cubs trade Heyward to SF?

The Cubs are looking for some help in their rotation and bullpen. Jake Arrieta and Wade Davis are currently exploring free agency and nothing is guaranteed. The Cubs need to decide whether they need to rebuild their roster via free agency or trade. If they choose to do so through trade, the Giants could help out with that.

The Giants season didn’t go as planned and are in the market for a playmaker in the outfield to help boost their defense. It just so happens that the Cubs have someone on their roster who fits that description. Jason Heyward just won his fifth Gold Glove Award and could help bolster the Giants roster.

The rumor is that the Cubs could be willing to move Heyward if they get quality pitching in return. The Giants have Mark Melancon and Jeff Samardzija. The later is a starter and the former is a closer. Both of which the Cubs could use.

A deal is not a foregone conclusion and as of right now these are just rumors that make sense. The biggest obstacle to a deal getting done would be the size of Heyward’s contract. At 28 years of age, the outfielder is ower $147.5 million over six seasons. He also has a no-trade clause through next season.

The Cubs may want to move him because he’s struggled at the plate over the past two seasons. He’s only hit .243 and 18 home runs. Aside from that, he’s been everything that the Cubs could’ve hoped for. He’s finished in the top 10 in Statcast’s outs above average during that two-year span and has won the NL right-field Gold Glove Award both years as well.

Moving Heyward and his contract could also free up some room for moves and players in the future. Ben Zobrist and Albert Almora Jr. are two players who could see more time at bat if Heyward were to be traded.

The move is also rumored to put them in play for free agent Shohei Ohtani or Giancarlo Stanton (trade), and Bryce Harper after 2018 if he does test free agency.