BREAKING: Woman Flashes Cardinals Fans on JumboTron

Many young children in St. Louis, Missouri were exposed to some very mature material when a female fan decided to flash the crowd yesterday at Busch Stadium while watching the Cardinals face off against the Cincinnati Reds.

The giant screens at the Cardinals-Reds game were scanning over the audience with loads of cheering fans. The situation became a bit more lewd when a woman raised her shirt while being featured on the big screen which was broadcast to over 40,000 spectators.

This female’s motives are uncertain, but she was quickly led out of the stadium by security and asked to not return.

“I hardly planned anything,” she said. “I was literally just sitting there and it just happened. You never know when you’re actually on camera. I don’t know if the camera’s on me or not. The fact they caught me in three seconds of my life – things happen.

“People are saying I ‘flashed’ but I didn’t. … I was sort of shimmying my breasts a little bit. … The whole world is going crazy. I never meant to offend the Marlins or anyone.”

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“The woman was ejected from the game for violating the ground rules for guests we have in place to ensure a family friendly environment here at the ballpark,” Ron Watermon, vice president of communications from the Cardinals organization said in an email Thursday.

Many took immediately to social media talking about the baseball flashing. Some of the folks engaging were standing in hopes of another possible rally phenomenon.

However, the Cardinals went on to lose to the Cincinnati Reds with an ending score of 6-0 which left Cardinals fans sad and disheartened.

This type of thing has happened before. Some avid Cardinals fans might remember a certain woman named Susan Sykes who was a topless dancer that went under the name of “Busty Heart”.

Sykes was arrested in 1990 after Cardinals officials claimed she was”skipping around in a lewd manner” during a game and tried to promote one of her local performances. She attempted to return to Busch Stadium in hopes of having another shot, but she was quickly apprehended by security which prevented her from doing so.

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