Aaron Judge Hitting POWERHOUSE Home Runs in BP – MVP Candidate?

Aaron Judge or Mike Trout?!

The Phenom is Back At It

Aaron Judge is amazing. Any true and honest fan knows this already. The second coming of Babe Ruth? Perhaps. If you don’t believe us, think again…

This week in Toronto during batting practice, Judge routinely was hitting the hotel – the hotel! – with his home runs. And it didn’t even look like he was trying. Seriously. Click here to see the video proof.

aaron judge batting practice
Aaron Judge – Arturo Pardavila on Flickr – Wiki Commons

Aaron Judge is the league leader in home runs after all, so this is no surprise to anyone. But still, hitting the hotel?! Nobody has ever done that before.

Judge looks like he was created in a baseball lab. Measuring in a 6 feet 7 inches tall and 280 pounds, he is a certified beast. He has a great arm (and his fielding is improving quickly), the best in the league, and a fantastic all around game. What is most surprising? His WAR! Mike Trout has been the league leader in Wins Above Replacement for a few years now. But Judge is nipping at his toes. Right now, Trout’s WAR is 3.4, and Judge is at 3.3! The season is still young of course, but that’s crazy. If Judge manages to unseat Trout as the leader in WAR, combined with leading the league in Home Runs, he will have a great case for MVP (we make the case on the next page).