10 of the Worst MLB Injuries in History

Despite the many rules, regulations, and safety measures, sports participants everywhere continue to sustain injuries, both big and small. Here’s a list of some of the worst injuries sustained in Major League Baseball since 1900.

Herb Score
Cleveland Indians / commons.wikimedia.org

10 – Herb Score

Herb Score pitched for the Cleveland Indians and Chicago White Sox from 1955 through 1962. On May 7, 1957, during the first inning of a night game against the New York Yankees at Municipal Stadium in Cleveland, Score threw a low fastball to Gil McDougald of the New York Yankees, with Jim Hegan catching. McDougald lined the pitch to the mound and struck Score in the face, breaking Score’s facial bones and injuring his eye. The ball rebounded to third baseman Al Smith, who threw McDougald out before rushing to the pitching mound to Score’s aid. McDougald, seeing Score hit by the baseball and then lying down and injured, also ran immediately to the pitching mound, instead of first base, to help Score. McDougald reportedly vowed to retire if Score permanently lost his sight in one eye as a result of the accident. Luckily Score eventually recovered his 20/20 vision, though he missed the rest of the season.