With the Jets Already Looking Beyond 2017, the Future is Still Grim

The New York Jets
dean bertoncelj / Shutterstock.com

It seems the Jets have little hope for the 2017 season even before training camp starts. Experts seem to think the same for the next three seasons with the New York team stuck at the bottom of the recent NFL Future Power Rankings. It’s clear that the Jets are in tear down and rebuild mode after parting ways with many veterans holding big contracts. Even with this consolidation of assets the future is extremely uncertain. A big question mark hangs over the quarterback situation and although the team hopes for some good contribution from young players, the franchise’s rookies are very unproven.

The team still has no idea if quarterback Christian Hackenberg can give the team a chance to win. Once that problem is resolved, Jets management will be tasked with trying to find quality players to fill every other position on the field. That will be a very tall task given that the Jets’ coaching and front office staff also ranked in the bottom three teams in the league. The draft efforts this year ranked in the bottom two and the roster is considered the very worst in the league. The franchise might need more than player changes for things to improve over the next several years.

The brightest point of hope for the team is the draft next year. With a probable poor finish this year, the Jets may have the opportunity to remedy their quarterback woes with a top pick like Sam Darnold or an up and coming Jalen Hurts. By any means, it seems like the best option for the franchise is to suffer through the 2017 season in hopes of a better draft in 2018. For Jets fans, 2017 will be another year to forget. However, looking to the future, things can’t possibly stay this bad forever… we hope.