What are the Bear’s expectations for Mitchell Trubisky


The Bears took a huge risk when they traded up for the second pick in the NFL draft to draft Mitchell Trubisky. It was a move that was universally criticized. Many felt that Trubisky’s upside didn’t match what the Bears had to give up to get him. After a 3-13 season, the Bears were definitely looking to make a splash and build for the future.

Perhaps the bigger question is if the Bears felt like Trubisky is their future signal caller, why would they sign Mike Glennon to a huge contract? The team now has a lot of money invested in two players at the same position and more questions than answers.    

Trubisky is a talented player. It’s just a question of experience. He only started one season at North Carolina but was able to put up pretty good numbers. He threw for about 3,700 yards and 30 touchdowns. The concern is that while in college Trubisky couldn’t beat out Marquise Williams for the starting quarterback spot. Williams went on to be an undrafted free agent.

Playing time may be the biggest enemy to Trubisky. The Bears are paying Glennon $16 million this year which would either make him the starter while Trubisky sits and learns or a very expensive backup/insurance policy. Word also has it that Glennon is winning over fellow teammates. Wide receiver Josh Bellamy said that “Mike’s a cool guy, down-to-earth. We crack jokes all the time, but he’s a worker, a workaholic. He wants guys to want to work. He wants everybody on the same page, and I like the leadership he brings.” He also credited Glennon with bringing a different vibe to the locker room.

All of this is good for the Bears, but it raises questions about whether or not Trubisky is going to win over the team. The quarterback has to have his teammate’s confidence and support. Furthermore, he has yet to sign his rookie deal which means he’s in danger of missing precious practice time when training camp opens up.

By taking all of this into consideration, it’s hard to peg down what would define a successful season for Trubisky. Would merely winning the starting spot be considered a success? Are the Bears planning on sitting him for the season and easing him into a larger role next season? The Bears also haven’t said much which doesn’t help in predicting what may happen. A switch halfway through the season seems likely just like Jared Goff’s rookie season. Hopefully, it goes better for the Bears than it did for the Rams.