The Top 16 NFL Free Agents That Still Haven’t Signed



As draft picks are underway, there are still a number of eligible players who haven’t been signed to a team yet. While these certainly aren’t the superstars of the NFL, they are players who have talent and could benefit a team with their experience.


16-DeAngelo Williams-Running Back

Williams began his career in the NFL back in 2006, playing for the Panthers. Apparently, it wasn’t his favorite team to work with. Monday evening, Williams commented on Twitter that the Panthers was off his list of teams he’d never play for.


Perhaps this is Williams subtle hint that he could use a job this season because he doesn’t seem to have many takers as a free agent right now. Despite being unsigned at the moment. DeAngelo’s performance hasn’t been all that shabby in the past. In fact, last season with the Steelers, Williams put in 66 rushes for 258 years, 14 receptions for 89 yards and two touchdowns, all within his first three weeks.

15-Darrelle Revis-Cornerback

For someone who was once considered the “best” cornerback in the NFL by Jet’s head coach Rex Ryan, Revis is currently trying to revive his career. Having played for the Patriots before, Revis may currently be under consideration by coach Bill Belichick, if he thinks Revis can still put in a good effort for the upcoming year. However, they’d have to be willing to offer him more than the $6 million the Jets will pay for having him sit out for the season.


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