Jim Harbaugh happy with NCAAF rule changes

Brad Muckenthaler/commons.wikimedia.org/

Jim Harbaugh is one of the most animated coaches in the world when it comes to expressing his opinion. This makes for interesting sound bites, especially when he is upset about a call or a new rule.

With all of the new rules the NCAA has implemented this year, the Detroit Free Press had to get Harbaugh’s take.  

The new rules include an early signing date in December, the removal of two-a-day, the freedom for students to take one day off a week, and the freedom for teams to begin camp a week early.

Harbaugh said Michigan is ready for the implementation of these rules.

“From a necessity, you have to adjust the practice schedule, so it’s all been adjusted,” Harbaugh said. “The schedule has all been made, and practices have all been planned out. All the rules that are a necessity to be put into the schedule have been put in, so there’s new time demands – 14 additional days off during the school year, which all have been planned for.  … All new rules have been implemented.”

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