Detroit Lions’ Armonty Bryant Suspended Again

Since the start of the 2016 season Detroit Lions defensive end, Armonty Bryant has been suspended for the third time. He has a track record of 3-4 game suspensions both with the Lions and Browns Due to violating the NFL’s substance abuse policy and using performance enhancing drugs, Bryant cannot play until his suspension ends October 2nd of this year. Which follows the October 1st game against the Minnesota Vikings. Despite the four game suspension, he is still allowed to participate in the team’s preseason practices and games.

Unfortunately, the suspension of Bryant has caused complications for the Lions franchise, as Bryant has not been participating in the team’s media exposure opportunities. Bryant is currently a free agent with a one year signed contract to the Lions, continuity of his actions could hurt his NFL career due to his multiple suspensions. This offseason Lions defensive lineman, Khyri Thornton was also suspended for the same violations making the Lions a target for this season.

While the Lions decline to discuss the issue with Bryant publicly, Bryant has addressed his issues with the NFL front office-personnel about changing his image and cleaning himself up. He previously played for the Cleveland Browns and was cut for continuous violations.

While he did have an impressive few games this last season recording five tackles and 3 sacks, which gave him the opportunity to sign an $855,000 contract with the Lions, his time with the Lions could potentially be done once his contract ends. The Lions are already struggling with their linemen, that they cannot afford to lose players due to performance enhancing drug violations, which hurt the team’s image and playing ability. The offseason may not have been the best for the Lions and its players, however, Bryant is determined to remain clean and help the team win.