Barstool Sports: Crimson Tide Could Beat the Patriots

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Every year, there’s speculation about the best team in college football playing against the worst team in the NFL and who would win. The Alabama Crimson Tide have been mentioned in such discussions more than their fair share.

However, this year, Barstool Sports is approaching the concept with a novel twist. Could the undisputed No. 1 College Football Team in all the land beat the defending Super Bowl champs?

“Every year the Patriots only have to be better than 30 other professional football teams and the New York Jets,” PFT Commenter writes. “Alabama, however, has to beat 127 colleges in order to win a national title.”

The Patriots did suffer an ugly fourth-quarter fade on Thursday night against the Chiefs. But could the Tide really roll over New England? The PFT Commenter argues yes, with some interesting stats:

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