Lance Lynn Skeptical on Staying with Cardinals

Lance Lynn is set to be a free agent in the upcoming months, but there isn’t a lot of talk nor rumor about his future whereabouts.

Lynn has mentioned that he would enjoy staying with the Cardinals in St. Louis, but he still hasn’t been offered any contracts or even whispered a hint of such a possibility. There is also the possibility that Lynn could be traded by the Cardinals before the deadline of July 31st comes along.

The 30-year old pitcher seems pretty relaxed about the whole situation. In an interview with the St. Louis Post Dispatch he said, “It’s easy when going into the season, you already know this is possibly your last year here anyway. When these things pop up, it’s like, ‘What’s the difference? It’s just a couple of months earlier if it does happen.’

Lynn has expressed his concern with the process that is being taken but similar to what was previously stated; he doesn’t seem to mind it too much. Lynn also pointed out that the teams may not give him an offer at all at this point due to the fact that the longer they wait, the more competition they will have when trying to put Lynn on their squad.

There has been some worry with the idea that teams aren’t going to be looking for a pitcher at this point in the season. Lynn says, “They seem to think they have pitching in the future. You look at the years to come; there might not be that power bat that could be our (No.) 3 hole hitter. They have to decide which way they want to go and how they go about it.”

The Cardinals may be overlooking the potential that they have with Lynn on their team but who knows what the future holds for the eager pitcher.